The third album from Australian synthesizer songstress Seja is an ode to analogue and the beloved synthesizers she has spent the last 20 years in dedication to. Recorded expertly in her home studio, it is a dense collection of squelchy synths, drum machines and computer bongos overlaid with mellifluous vocals. Reflecting the broad influence of an artist captivated by her instrument and an expansive appreciation for the breadth of synthetic music history coupled with sparkling pop songwriting. Sometimes in juxtaposition to the luminous melodic vocals, the album’s production flows from swirling, celestial dreampop to pulsating psychedelic, krautrock funk, to dark 80’s inspired soundscapes, all transmitted through the prism of Seja’s personal, often humorous and ultimately delightful songcraft.

Here is One I Know You Know is permeated by an overarching warmth. To this end Seja says she aimed to use very little software and embraced both working and wonky gear to make something unique and beautifully flawed. She recorded the album herself in her home studio singing and playing various and numerous synths on each track as well as guitars, bass, omnichord, rhodes piano, drum machines, programming and sequencing.

Featuring Jen Boyce (Ball Park Music) – bass, Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint) – percussion, Fred Armisen (SNL, Portlandia) – octobans, Georgia Mooney (All Our Exes Live in Texas) – backing vocals, George Browning (Velociraptor) – drums and percussion, Nicole Perry -congas, Chris Farrer (the Quickening) – guitar solos, Conrad Greenleaf (Richard in Your Mind) – bass and Danny Widdicombe (the Wilson Pickers) – pedal steel. Hotmagnets – production assistant / noise merchant.

It takes a nimble, accomplished songwriter to weave together the range of genre and spectrum of sound tackled on this album. On Here Is One I Know You Know Seja has conjured a world class synth pop feast for the senses.