Limited edition hand-crafted cover with silver foil embossing on “recycled dirty fools gold” vinyl!

Culture, like nature is wild, untamed and of it’s own kind and habitat outside of the smothering arms of commerce. In any undomesticated sense it cares little for such invasive nonsense. Then came the hounds of royalty, all snarling and snapping with their wilful acts of enclosure, ripping the flesh from delicate bones in their infiltration of such fall’s gold. Cannibalising the wild and free for the fattening cauldron of insistent growth that stumbles collapsing flat on the earth, filled with all lifeless content and glossy sheen.
Near on two years ago now since Regurgitator spontaneously ventured to Plainland to start baking up something… that over time managed to rise and rise through the turbulence of creative exploration like an invasive species inhabiting their headspace. Boundaries crossed and concepts forged through trials of an era as the irrepressible drivers of creative practice probe and pop, ending up in a late stampede to wilfully arrange itself into what is their tenth full length studio album, evidently entitled INVADER. Teasing much in times of lateral reflection on all that constitutes invasive behaviour – from country to body, from culture to community, from mind to planet.
Featuring 14 tracks of inspired high infection, hooking up with prime collaborators PEACHES, JK47 and TYSON YUNKAPORTA (Sand Talk) to turn out their most incisive album since time began.
“This work is a fleeting reflection in the surface film of a small bubble floating through the psychotic dreamworld of the colony.” – Quan