Following singles Bucket of Water, Bark All Night and Miranda, Little Lunch Records is excited to announce the debut album from Renovator’s DelightBark All Night.

Renovator’s Delight is the solo project of talented Brisbane artists Madeleine Keinonen, best known until know as a member of local indie rock champs Dumb Things.

From a slowly overflowing bucket of water, to peering a little too deeply into the depths of your cup of black coffee; Bark All Night is full of small observations and big pictures. Not too melancholic to lose its playfulness, not too varnished to lose the splinters, Renovator’s Delight’s left-of-centre guitar pop and oddball instrumentation is all about trying to see things more clearly. The album takes a brief stroll through teen angst in coastal morning mist, before tripping headlong into the inner-city cigarette smoke haze of adult heartache — and leaves you wondering if the cracked pavement in-between isn’t where it all makes the most sense.