Brand new sixth album by revered Sydney singer-songwriter Perry Keyes! Whether it’s the ‘love among the ruins’ approach of his first album, Meter (2005); the portrayal of the disappearing inner-city working class community on The Last Ghost Train Home (2007); the songs of volatile adolescence on Johnny Ray’s Downtown (2010); the characters coming to terms with the geographic dislocation and subsequent social exclusion of Sunnyholt (2015); the portrayal of a family trying to survive the tough terrain of the inner-city Housing Commission areas of Waterloo and Redfern on Jim Salmon’s Lament (2018) or new album, Black & White Town and it’s songs from the edge of the new inner-city, Keyes’ song-writing maintains a capacity for cinematic sweep whilst at the same time exhibiting intimate and detailed storytelling.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, ‘Keyes is the best chronicler of Sydney we’ve ever had’ and that ‘even in the grimmest stories Keyes finds kernels of humanity and love’. And of the stories that he has told over his 5 albums, the SMH says ‘There’s nothing quite like them being told anywhere in Australia’.