Limited edition coke bottle green vinyl plus autographed album card!

Endless Summer is the sophomore album from ARIA Nominated, Platinum accredited Australian artist Jack River. Ten perfect pop songs that shimmer like melting highways and drip like strawberry ice-cream.

This record is an oasis, something to retreat to amid the apocalyptic horrors of the war and climate disaster in the modern world. That’s the paradox of Endless Summer; The oasis is a mirage, only as real as you desire. Finding the balance between escapism and pragmatism is something Jack River is facing in every facet of her world.

If you consider that the tumultuous 60’s produced records that became psychedelic portals into which to escape, the world-building of Endless Summer makes perfect sense, a central suite of songs create a fantastical utopian world. Jack River is the avatar up front, with a voice so sparkly and sugary as to almost be synthetic – and that’s down to her love of late-90s, early-2000s pop.

Jack River’s previous album, Sugar Mountain (2018), launched her onto playlists and festival bills with enviable velocity. Beat Magazine called it “one of the greatest Australian albums of the past decade” with single ‘Fool’s Gold’ reaching the heights of ARIA Platinum status.