“What inspires someone to stick around for over 30 years??

The answer can be so many different things, but our answer is love…  We can disagree on just about anything, except our love for Rollo, and Blowhard.

We worked our bums off to pull this album off.  We saved every penny..  No extra beers, no pay ever, no gig too big or small for us.  We practiced, toured and gigged for around 2 years to perfect everything and have the funds to explore possibilities in the studio.

Dave Orr wrote these exquisite songs, and we all added our personal touches, harmonies and extra melodies. Evolution bringing change and growth to what was already phenomenal writing.

Recording rolled around and we scored Jeff Lovejoy to produce, and he brought along Magoo for a song as well.  Jeff did an absolutely masterful job on Production, as did Phill Wilson (Phill Blowhard) on Mastering. Simply put an extremely talented team to have on your side.

We renamed this album after losing Rollo, as nothing was ever going to be the same again.  The Album took on a whole different meaning and the name no longer fit the occasion.  All the Kings Horses and all the Kings men couldn’t put Rollo together again. Thank you so much to the two security guards at Netherworld who worked tirelessly on Rollo to try save his life.  Forever heroes in our hearts.

We are so proud of this album, and we feel Rollo has some of his best work represented here. It’s our pleasure to finally share this with you.  A million thanks to Paul Curtis and Valve Records for aiding and abetting this release.”