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The music of Big Thief, born from the songs of Adrienne Lenker, traces in vivid sounds “the process of making use of pain, loss and love, while helping to let go, to look through someone else’s eyes into one’s own, and to accept the inevitability of death,” says Adrianne

Masterpiece, the Brooklyn-bred indie rock outfit Big Thief‘s 2016 debut album, is full of characters and intuitive narratives, songs that spin around within a few words. Adrianne’s voice and guitar playing reflect a deep emotional level of grace and insight. In her own words, the songs on the album examine “the masterpiece of existence that keeps getting tangled up in itself, trying to understand itself, shake itself awake and shake off the dullness of life. The interpretations may be impressionistic or surrealistic, in any case they are based on the fundamental things of life.”