In 2019 prodigal Brisbane-bred guitar-pop outfit Thigh Master released their excellent second album ‘Now For Example’ on iconic Memphis garage label Goner Records, taking our killer underground guitar scene to the world!

Their acclaimed first album ‘Early Times’ came out on one of the Sherpa-based labels Coolin’ By Sound, but the international release of their second opus came on the back of a slew of well-received tours to the USA, Europe and Asia, cementing their place as a global powerhouse rather than Brisbane’s secret heroes.

Do yourself the proverbial favour and see why lauded online resource AllMusic offered of the new album, “Their second record, ‘Now for Example’, follows a few years after their promising debut, ‘Early Times’, and it sounds like maybe the band got a little looser, a little weirder, and fuzzy around the edges, though the songs are just as hooky and fun… Laugh at the name once to clear it out of your system, then focus on the energetic jangle, the joyous clang, and the glorious pop that the band lay down on ‘Now for Example’. (4 stars)” Woot!

A1 6ft Barrier
A2 Entity
A4 Claps For Clats
A5 Pity Run
A6 Subtropic Buck (Always A Loan)
A7 Hidden Treasure (Brussels)
B1 Mould Lines
B2 Porto’s Lullaby
B3 The Prospect Patent
B4 Exodus
B5 The Ballad Of The Caxton Hotel