EMI Recorded Music Australia announces the re-release of the seminal Kev Carmody tribute album Cannot Buy My Soul. The 2020 edition comes with new recordings of Carmody’s songs and his ageless contribution to the BLM movement celebrating Indigenous songwriting and featuring new recordings from artists such as Courtney Barnett, Kasey Chambers & Jimmy Barnes, Mo’Ju & Birdz (produced by Trials), Kate Miller-Heidke, Alice Skye and Electric Fields.

Kev Carmody is one of Australia’s pre-eminent indigenous singer-songwriters. A new audience was alerted to Carmody through the 2007 album Cannot Buy My Soul, produced by Paul Kelly, with versions of his songs by artists including Bernard Fanning, Missy Higgins, Troy Cassar-Daley and Archie Roach plus Carmody’s own performances. The album has been refreshed for this 2020 edition, produced by Siân Darling, with the original 32 tracks and six new versions of his songs.


1. Black Bess Kasey Chambers, Jimmy Barnes
2. Rider In The Rain 2020 Mo’Ju, Trials, Birdz
3. Blue You Alice Skye
4. From Little Things Big Things Grow Electric Fields
5. Just For You Courtney Barnett


1. Blood Red Rose Kate Miller-Heidke
2. I’ve Been Moved Dan Kelly
3. Thou Shalt Not Steal John Butler
4. Elly Bernard Fanning
5. The Young Dancer Is Dead The Last Kinection


1. River Of Tears The Drones
2. On The Wire Troy Cassar-Daley
3. Moonstruck Sara Storer
4. This Land Is Mine Dan Sultan
5. Darkside Tex Perkins


1. Cannot Buy My Soul Archie Roach
2. Comrade Jesus Christ The Herd
3. Droving Woman Augie March, Paul Kelly and Missy Higgins
4. Eulogy For A Black Person Pigram Brothers