Due: 4 June

First pressing on limited edition opaque yellow vinyl

In 1984 TISM compiled a number of recent recordings, and dubbed up a couple of dozen cassettes. The cassette was created predominantly for the band’s own amusement but a handful were sold at a performance at Melbourne University and another half dozen or so were sold to a few Melbourne indie record stores. One copy found its way to booking agent Mark Burchett and indie label owner Gavan Purdy, who immediately signed them up for gigs and a record deal. The rest is history, but those quickly forgotten cassettes, and the recordings which graced them, have become a holy grail for collectors.

Here finally, remastered and sounding better than ever before, are those recordings.

1.The Art-Income Dialectic

2.Eckermann Is Very Silly

3.The Back Upon Which Jezza Jumped

4.Defecate On My Face

5.Lyric For Jack

6.I Go To Werribee

7.Crime Against The Spirit Oo Poo Pee Doo

8.Pus Of The Dead

9.Clarse Distinction

10.The Reserection

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