First pressing on limited edition indie exclusive colour vinyl.

On their fifth album, The Murlocs reflect on those who leave a profound imprint on our lives: the saviors, hellraisers and assorted other mystifying characters. The most personal and boldly confident work yet from the Melbourne-based five-piece; the album sets their storytelling to 11 infectious tracks written mostly on piano, lending a greater emotional intensity to the band’s restless and radiant brand of garage-rock.

Pressed on limited edition Skewhiff edition vinyl; orange and cream swirly wax with a heavy black splatter and housed in a 100% recyclable cardboard sleeve.

  • SIDE 1
  • 1 Francesca
  • 2 Dangerous Nature
  • 3 Bittersweet Demons
  • 4 Eating at You
  • 5 Illuminate the Shade
  • 6 No Self Control
  • SIDE 2
  • 1 Skyrocket
  • 2 Skewiff
  • 3 Limerence
  • 4 Blue Eyed Runner
  • 5 Misinterpreted