Much-loved Brisbane surfgaze four-piece The Double Happiness have released their highly-anticipated (and aptly-titled) debut album Surfgazing (through local indie 4000 Records) and it’s a strictly limited vinyl run (150 copies only) chock full of sun-swept post-punk-slash-shoegaze-sorta aural goodness!
Surfgazing is a reverb-drenched ode to afternoons spent sun-kissed and wave-side, to letting the wind take your hand as it dangles out the car window along the highway and to ‘60s beach parties and the dance crazes that accompanied them.
As scene legend Kellie Lloyd (Screamfeeder, Majestic Horses, Deafcult) recently offered: “The intersection of a Valium hazed B-52s in a nature doco directed by Quentin Tarantino set in the Bay Islands circa 1987 soundtracked by Dick Dale is where you’ll find this album by The Double Happiness”. Hell yeah!