Few bands strike a creative high six albums into their career, but that’s exactly what happened with Brisbane’s indie pop favourites Screamfeeder in 2003 with ‘Take You Apart’. Here was indisputably one of the best Australian rock albums of that year, combining punchy, punky riffs with instantly-memorable pop melodies and hooks. ‘Take You Apart’ yielded four high-rotation singles on JJJ – ‘Ice Patrol’, ‘12345’, ‘Bunny’ and ‘I Don’t Know What To Do Any More’.

The new vinyl reissue is the first time this amazing album has ever been on wax, an integral part of the amazing jigsaw puzzle that is the Brisbane music scene.

“A no-fuss, boiled-to-the-bone rock record that bristles with energy and focus, leaving plenty of space for subtle melodies, simple hooks and Tim Steward’s hope-filled voice” (Rolling Stone)

“Forget Jet, The Vines, even You Am I… Screamfeeder are hands down the country’s best rock band and Take You Apart is all the proof you need. For real.” (Time Off, Brisbane)