Restless Leg are back with a brand new album in the can and ready for release later in 2024 on our new label Sinister Porpoise Records (a new music imprint of Love As Fiction Records).

Sydney band Restless Leg was born as a three piece in March 2012 at a backyard party. Constant gigging through the rest of that year shaped a sound built on lean and direct song arrangements recalling classic Antipodean indie rockers such as The Go-Betweens and The Clean.

The band released their self-titled debut in 2013 and follow-up album Some Kind of Restless in 2017, with guitarist Adam Taylor (Landspeed, Sam Shinazzi Band, JD & The Hungermen) joining the band shortly before the album’s release to play a series of launch shows.

Restless Leg’s third album Dream Buffet combined Flying Nun indie rock, Velvet Underground inspired drone and shambolic Pavement-tinged country and was released in June 2021 to widespread acclaim.

Continuing their winding musical journey, Restless Leg offer another twist of sparky indie pop on their fourth album Dance Around My Head. It walks the line between light and shade, fast and slow, loud and soft with the confidence of a band at the height of its powers and which comes from years of friendship and fun making music together.

The first thrilling indie guitar rush of a single is ‘Sow A Little Seed‘, a song that tumbles out the speakers like a prime cut from the New Zealand pop underground in the 80s. It’s a perfect sun-kissed & free-spirited jangly folk rock song about self-delusion of one type or another, that hits the ground running and buries its melodic hooks in less than two sparkling minutes.

Singer/guitarist and songwriter Ben Chamie explains that “this and the album track ‘Pure Hallucination’ started life as one song, but we broke them down into two and re-arranged both to make them work separately.

“Musically it always reminds me of a Cat Stevens song called ‘Here Comes My Baby’ that was in Wes Anderson’s film Rushmore. It’s a great soundtrack that I have always loved and returned to from time to time!”

The quirky and colourful slice of Sydney suburbia in the video clip below was shot by Graeme Trewin and conceptualised and edited by the band.