Buy Granger Smith’s new CD Country Things and receive a bonus CD of his 2017 album When The Good Guys Win!

US country star Granger Smith‘s highly-anticipated 10th studio album, Country Things, give fans a glimpse of Granger and his family’s current country-state-of-mind. The album, which includes 16 songs and 2 bonus tracks, is meant to be listened to like a rollercoaster ride.


1. Country Things

2. Man Made

3. Hate You Like I Love You

4. Country & Ya Know It (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.)

5. I Kill Spiders

6. Where I Get It From

7. Buy A Boy A Baseball

8. Mexico

9. That’s What Love Looks Like

10. Chevys, Hemis, Yotas & Fords

11. 6 String Stories

12. Anything Like Me

13. That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads

14. Heroes

15. Workaholic (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.)

16. Diesel (feat. Earl Dibbles Jr.)

17. That’s Why I Love Dirt Roads (feat. Lathan Warlick)

18. Holler