Limited edition clear vinyl!

“When I was a kid trying to find someone to identify with, I would’ve killed to see a drumming pop star on MTV. It’s something I’d been waiting for forever, and when writing this album, I had to take my best shot at becoming the person I’d been searching for.”

G Flip makes the kind of high-powered rock pop music that could only come from the heart and mind of a drummer.  A thrilling evolution of their 2019 full-length debut About Us, DRUMMER brings a newly heightened intentionality to their songwriting and sound, along with becoming the role model they never had growing up.  In creating the album, G Flip co-produced and co-wrote alongside the likes of Tommy English (Billy Idol, Kacey Musgraves, Fitz and the Tantrums) and Colin Brittain (All Time Low, A Day To Remember, Royal & the Serpent), dreaming up a batch of songs built on a vast kaleidoscope of rhythms.

“The idea was to make a record from a drummer’s perspective, so I started out by writing up a list of drum ideas and grooves to include on the album,” says G Flip, who also plays guitar, bass, and keys throughout the LP. “I knew I wanted a song with a shuffle groove, a song with a funk/breakbeat groove, a song with cowbell (because all drummers love cowbell)—the goal was to show off all these different drum ideas, but always in a way that completely serves the song.”