Much-loved Canadian singer-songwriter Feist (aka Leslie Feist to the taxman) – also a member of wonderful collective Broken Social Scene – has released her sixth solo album Multitudes!

In a press release, Feist explained the recording process and the inspiration behind the album: “The last few years were such a period of confrontation for me, and it feels like it was at least to some degree for everyone. We confronted ourselves as much as our relationships confronted us. It felt like our relational ecosystems were clearer than ever and so whatever was normally obscured — like a certain way of avoiding conflict or a certain way of talking around the subject — were all of a sudden thrust into the light. And in all that reassessment, the chance to find footing on healthier, more honest ground became possible, and the effort to maintain avoidance actually felt like it took more effort than just handing ourselves over to the truth.”