Following up from her lo-fi orchestral EP ‘Falling Asleep’ last year, Cloud Tangle’s debut album takes you down a gritty, bittersweet rabbit hole of introspective reflection and steers you towards an overarching theme of human sadness. Sonically staying true to Cloud Tangle’s essence, the album is awash with dark, silky guitar lines, hauntingly beautiful synths, pulsating unobtrusive drums and delicate, dreamy vocals.

Balancing dark and light in the unique way in which Amber has perfected during the past 6 years as Cloud Tangle, ‘Kinds of Sadness’ is a gloomy and mesmerising exploration in slowcore pop.

Underpinned by the recently released singles ‘Romance Me’ and ‘Thinking of Myself’, the album’s concept centres around the varying types of human emotion and sadness. Featuring rich orchestral tracks as well as dark ambient synths and layered guitars. The album will sonically draw back towards first release ‘POCKET’ with more raw lyricism and lush instrumentation.

Lyrically, Amber serenades us with stories of falling out of love and the hardships of moving on for the sake of your best self. These sombre motifs are carried along by an unassuming drum track and a bass synth line that makes its presence known in a soft but assertive manner.

“My goal with this project is to offer an honest and inspired representation of my deepest thoughts and ideas, in a way that focuses solely on the music itself and the atmosphere I am creating rather than my own identity and physical aesthetic.” Amber says. “I want to inspire especially young women to explore a path in music where you can do it yourself and be confident in your skills and approach.”