It’s sadly a case of three albums and out for local outfit Buttery Love, who are playing an instore to both welcome in their new album Lust For Love and pull up stumps!

After five years and three albums the alternative/electronic folk rock ensemble, Buttery Love, are calling it a day and hanging up the boots. But, instead of going out with a whimper, they are celebrating this passing with an expansive final album, Lust For Love, and some farewell gigs that will rip your head off and cover your brain in a warm layer of milky goodness!

Buttery Love‘s first album was a collection of intimate songs that stayed with you even when your dog didn’t and, from this base, each subsequent album has broaden the scope of the Buttery Love sound and developed the emotional resonance of the music.

The gig at Sonic Sherpa will incorporate songs from the first two LP’s and will be the live debut of songs from the final Buttery Love album , Lust For Love!