Due: 12 Apr

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Tyler Hubbard continues to show his distinction as a writer and artist on his sophomore album Strong. out via EMI Nashville. Co-produced by Hubbard alongside Jordan Schmidt, the Georgia native’s 13-track album is a reflection of Hubbard’s unique ability to epitomize his passion for life and love.

Throughout the album, Strong embodies a distinct variety of both sonic and geographical-driven influences. Tracks like ‘Vegas’ stamp the vulnerability of love at first sight, while ‘American Mellencamp’ is pure, heartfelt fun. Songs like ‘Take Me Back’ and ‘Park’ offer unique views of hometown reminiscence, while ‘‘73 Beetle’ is an ode to fatherhood, family and dream-filled aspirations.

The title track ‘Strong’ is a lyrical depiction of Hubbard and the album as a whole. “It represents the overall project and where I am,” says Hubbard. “It’s also how I’m feeling. And, hopefully, it helps and encourages others to channel their inner strength in a way that can be fun. We are all probably a lot stronger than we think.”