“You Be the Lightning” is the fifth album for Melbourne-based Canadian ex-pat Tracy McNeil, and her band The GoodLife.

Featuring the recent single ‘Stars’, and the much-adored ‘Not Like A Brother’ (an instant hit with music directors at ABC Local, Double J & ABC Country – and “one of the best ballads you’ll hear from anyone all year” – Double J), You Be the Lightning once again highlights the songwriting brilliance of McNeil. Within the broad strokes of Americana music, Tracy McNeil & The GoodLife have refined their own palette, expanding on their distinctive alt-country roots, culminating in a body of work that many believe is the bands’ finest to date.

Vinyl Tracklisting


  • 1. Highway Girl
  • 2. Not Like A Brother
  • 3. Catch You
  • 4. Match To A Rock
  • 5. Rain Fall Down


  • 1. Midnight Hurricane
  • 2. I Want To Know
  • 3. Stars
  • 4. Without Speaking
  • 5. Postcards
  • 6. Golden Age