Brisbane four-piece CUB SPORT are delighted to share their hotly anticipated fourth studio album LIKE NIRVANA, out now via Cub Sport Records and Believe. Across the course of 13 bright and full-blooded, desperately and beautifully alive songs, front-person and songwriter Tim Nelson dives into a tightly woven exploration of religious reckoning, feelings of inadequacy and oppressive structures of masculinity. 

Of the album, Tim shares: “It sounds a little cliché but this album has helped me find and love myself more deeply. I listen to this album and I can see, hear, feel ‘me.’ It’s the gentle and powerful energy of the introvert empath who, for some reason, is drawn to the light, even though they’re scared of it sometimes and feel more at home in the shadows.

LIKE NIRVANA is an embracing of the journey, rather than a need to see and understand the destination. It’s about learning my own worth outside of other peoples’ perception of me. I wanted to strip all of that away and form my own self not built by others.

I think this album is so uplifting because it doesn’t shy away from the shadows, it embraces both the light and dark with warmth and I hope it sets other people free in ways that it’s done for me.”