About a year Back Belly joined forces with the Handshake Agency team to unleash the new podcast Rewind With Steve Bell, and since then it’s been going from strength to strength! The first series was a 3-part look into Silverchair‘s debut 1995 Oz rock classic Frogstomp which set the tone perfectly

Rewind with Steve Bell has already risen to #1 in Australia on both the Apple Podcast music chart and the Spotify music chart, for real – you cannot make that shit up! You can check it out on all of the usual podcast platforms (check them at thepodcasts.com.au/rewind), the newest series (series 7) takes us back 20 years for an in-depth look at the making of and reception to Something For Kate‘s much-loved third album Echolalia, this time in 5 parts (with a bonus episode to drop soon)!