• Apocalyptica : The Life Burns Tour (DVD)
Track Listing

1. Intro (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
2. Path (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
3. Master of Puppets (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
4. Somewhere Around Nothing (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
5. Fight Fire with Fire (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
6. Quutamo (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
7. Heat (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
8. Betrayal (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
9. Nothing Else Matters (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
10. Hope (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
11. Life Burns (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
12. Fisheye (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
13. Bittersweet (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
14. Seek and Destroy (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
15. Prologue (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
16. Creeping Death (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
17. Inquisition Symphony (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
18. Enter Sandman (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
19. Refuse/Resist (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
20. Hall of the Mountain King (Pcm Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
21. Us Tour Film (Ac3 Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
22. Making of Repressed (Ac3 Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
23. Audio Bed (Apocalyptica)
24. Bittersweet - Video Without Gamefootage (Ac3 Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
25. Life Burns (Ac3 Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
26. En Vie (Ac3 Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
27. Somewhere Around Nothing (Ac3 Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
28. Seemann (Ac3 Stereo) (Apocalyptica)
29. Repressed (Ac3 Stereo) (Apocalyptica)

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Apocalyptica : The Life Burns Tour (DVD)

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