• Ac/Dc : 74 Jailbreak (Vinyl)
'74 Jailbreak is an EP by Australian rock band AC/DC, comprising five tracks that had previously been released only in Australia.
Track Listing

1. Jailbreak (Ac/Dc)
2. You Ain't Got A Hold On Me (Ac/Dc)
3. Show Business (Ac/Dc)
4. Soul Stripper (Ac/Dc)
5. Baby, Please Don't Go (Ac/Dc)
6. Jailbreak (Album Version) (Ac/Dc)
7. You Ain't Got A Hold On Me (Album Version) (Ac/Dc)
8. Show Business (Album Version) (Ac/Dc)
9. Soul Stripper (Album Version) (Ac/Dc)
10. Baby, Please Don't Go (Album Version) (Ac/Dc)
11. Jailbreak (Ac/Dc)
12. You Ain't Got A Hold On Me (Ac/Dc)
13. Show Business (Ac/Dc)
14. Soul Stripper (Ac/Dc)
15. Baby, Please Don't Go (Ac/Dc)

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Ac/Dc : 74 Jailbreak (Vinyl)

  • Artist: AC/DC
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